1. Who receives the coupons?

    Anyone can get the coupons. We email a real estate newsletter to our past clients and potential business relationships. The newsletter has a link to the coupon site, but anyone can log on to www.ilovecouponsonline.com

  2. What is RE/MAX Associates?

    RE/MAX Associates is a full service real estate company licensed to do business in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We have approximately 100 agents and, therefore, have over 10,000 past, present and future clients.

  3. How do I redeem my coupon?

    Just find the coupon you want, print it and present it at time of purchase (unless indicated differently).

  4. How long does the coupon last?

    If the coupon does not have an expiration date, the offer can be rescinded at any time. Please contact the vendor directly if they do not have an expiration date.

  5. Do you pronounce it KOO-pon or QUE-pon?

    Some say ‘To-may-to’ and some say ‘To-mah-to’. Whichever you choose, we hope you enjoy the free benefits of www.ilovecouponsonline.com

  6. How many times can I use the coupon?

    We suggest one per household. Check each coupon for details.

  7. Can I double or triple my coupon?

    There are no other offers other than what is printed. Therefore, no doubling or anything else unless the vendor says that is ok.

  8. Can I forward a coupon to a friend?

    As long as it is not restricted by the vendor, we think it’s a great idea

  9. How can I offer a coupon?

    Email us at efinityconnector@gmail.com